What Is Negotiable In An Offer Of Employment?

know-your-worthWhat is negotiable in an offer of employment? Everything. Yes you heard me right, everything, not just salary but benefits, time off, work lifestyle benefits, type of work, job title, etc.  So the first rule of negotiating an offer of employment is, “You won’t get it unless you ask for it”.   We see many job seekers who are reluctant to even ask for the job in the interview, let alone ask for more to make sure they are getting the best offer possible. Continue reading

Using The “Hitch & Switch Strategy To Get The Job You Want!

Analyzing applicants resume illustration conceptTemporary workers often convert to a full-time position with the employer.   Today about 20% of temporary employees convert to a full-time position after taking an assignment.   Many employers actually use temporary services as a screening methodology in their standard hiring process.   This way they “try before they buy” and get to see how the employee performs and fits into their culture before making an offer of full-time employment. Continue reading